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Workshop on gender justice and the EU’s external policies

29 November 2018
30 November 2018

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In international relations, gender equality and women’s rights are often considered as low salience issues with limited relevance for the analysis of ‘high politics’. Yet if the aim truly is to secure a just global order, it is not possible to ignore the interests of half of the world’s population and disregard the implications of gender, gendered power structures and gender roles.

Thus gender, as well as sexual orientation, is a cross-cutting concern, addressed in all of GLOBUS’ work packages.

The aim of this workshop is two-fold: first to collate and stimulate gender-related research within each of the four substantive thematic areas; second to begin to identify cross-cutting patterns in the significance and implications of gender for EU foreign policy more broadly. In both instances, theoretical and policy-oriented research will be presented.

It is also the goal of this workshop to bring together scholarly communities focusing on gender-related research with those who do not look at gendered approaches to the projects’ thematic concerns. This will enrich and strengthen respective research agendas. The workshop will also engage directly with the practical concerns of policymakers. It will identify best-practice strategies concerning the transformative potential of gender mainstreaming in EU foreign policy, while also identifying challenges that arise from contested conceptions of justice more broadly.

Finally, the workshop will follow a dedicated strategy for publishing its scholarly contributions. It will also generate policy-related briefing papers and blogs.

ECDPM’s Noemi Cascone will present the paper Promoting gender in the EU external response to migration: The case of the Trust Fund for Africa at this workshop.


University College Dublin
Belfield Downs
D14 YH57

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