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The future of the Post-Cotonou Agreement: renewing the Africa-Europe Partnership

11 March 2019 9:00 am
11 March 2019 6:30 pm

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Europe and Africa have enjoyed privileged relations since 1963 through the partnership that  exists between the EU and ACP countries. Signed in 2000, the Cotonou Agreement is the latest  of a series of conventions that govern EU-ACP relations. However, both the vertical logic of  this agreement (from Europe to ACP countries) and its main objective (development  assistance) are no longer fit for purpose. New actors have emerged on the global stage, while  Europe and Africa’s demographic and political challenges are shifting.

With the post-Cotonou agreement currently under negotiations, it is time to rethink the model  that guides the relations between Africa and the European Union towards a partnership that  would be more geographically-focused, sector-specific, and aimed at achieving fewer but true  priority objectives for the two continents, in order to achieve a positive sum game for both parties.

This workshop aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities for further cooperation that  are at the heart of the ongoing negotiations. It will convene both African and European experts  to participate in a constructive debate about the future of the Africa-EU partnership and distill  the priorities and policy implications of the current industrialization, trade, training and  employment, and education dynamics. A special focus will be on the role of migration and  international trade.

ECDPM’s Amanda Bisong will present in the session on “Migration, the cornerstone of the New Africa – Europe partnership” and will chair a session on ‘Industrialization in Africa: The rise of Tomorrow’s giants’.


Policy Center for the New South
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