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The future of aid: towards global public investment?

16 March 2020
18 March 2020

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In a changed and still rapidly changing global landscape, there is much debate on the future of concessional international public finance for development. From the threat of climate chaos to the opportunities of the SDG agenda, what are the appropriate objectives for global public funding to support human progress and global public goods? Looking ahead, how might the need for aid and aid-like finance change over the next 50 years? What needs to evolve? What do the various actors need to contribute?

This meeting forms part of a series of Wilton Park dialogues to explore new approaches to global development cooperation over the coming decades. A diverse group with different insights from south and north will be brought together for thought-leadership discussions on the future of concessional financial development cooperation.

ECDPM’s Alexei Jones will contribute to the discussions.



Wiston House
Wilton Park Wiston House,
BN44 3DZ
United Kingdom

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