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The Future of the Africa-EU Partnership “Key Messages to the IV Summit”

6 March 2014 12:00 pm
6 March 2014 3:00 pm

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This 6th and final lunch-time seminar will enable key stakeholders of Africa-EU Partnership to articulate their key messages to the IV Africa-EU Summit.

In order to achieve this, the dynamic and interactive exchanges among participants will focus on the following:

A.) Do you agree with the top-line messages from the 5 thematic lunch-time seminars (a background paper will summarise the identified conclusions. The paper will be circulated to all registered participants)

B.) What is THE key priority that the IV Africa-EU Summit should address? What is the most important initiative which Leaders should jointly launch to strengthen the inter-continental relations between Africa and the EU?

C.) What will you and your organisation do to help move the Africa-EU partnership forward in the coming three years?


Africa-EU Partnership
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