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From hybrid peace to human security: Rethinking the EU strategy towards conflict

24 February 2016 6:00 pm
24 February 2016 7:30 pm

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While the European Union is engaged in a process of strategic reflection on its external relations in a rapidly changing world it finds itself in the midst of interlocking crises – multiplying wars in Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and eastern Europe; population displacement; terrorism and sectarianism; as well as broader economic, social and environmental disruption. At a global level, the War on Terror (although it is no longer formally called that) seems to have converged both with myriad conflicts in different places and with a new phase of great power rivalry involving a new wave of militarisation. These crises have to be explained in terms of a mismatch between our policies and tools for addressing and managing problems and the everyday reality of the twenty first century.


Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung EU Office
38, Rue du Taciturne

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