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Free Trade Agreements in a changing landscape of global governance

7 July 2016
8 July 2016

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Following an ESRC grant award entitled ‘Transformations in Global Governance: Integration via Free Trade Agreements’, a series of workshops are being organised that focus on:

  • Regulatory, economic and social aspects of regional integration through free trade agreement (FTAs)
  • Effects of FTAs with and in partner countries
  • The current state of play in FTA activity in the EU, USA and Asia

This workshop will primarily focus on the EU and US FTAs with Asian countries, focussing on areas of differences/commonalities in FTAs negotiated and the general move towards regulatory convergence/divergence. The main themes are:

  • Comparative and systematic research on the scope and enforceability of regulatory norms negotiated under FTAs. 
  • Importance of labour and social standards within FTAs. 
  • Relevance of addressing these issues within the context of global trade governance.

ECDPM’s San Bilal will speak at this workshop.

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