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Food security: An Interdisciplinary Approach

5 November 2014 4:00 am
5 November 2014 5:30 pm

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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Food Security Policy
To address the complex issue of ‘food security’, researchers at the University of Warwick bring togetherissues of food production and supply, environmental and social sustainability, governance (including science and technology), complexity and tools for decision making, social justice, nutrition and public health.  This interdisciplinary approach draws on crop production, cell biology, public health, political science, social policy, mathematics and statistics, history, philosophy and the performing arts.
The session
In this short session we will talk about systematic approaches we are taking to consider and inform any policy related to food security, working in different disciplines and at different scales.  
Any policy to address ‘food security’ needs to network together expert evidence coming from many different and disparate areas, which nevertheless interlock and interact.
At the University of Warwick we are working with particular policy actors on specific case studies to understand under what conditions different kinds of evidence from all of these disparate areas can be coherently combined, as if by a single logical decision-maker, and how such a network can be used to compare the effects of different policies on each of the areas food security affects (health, education, social cohesion, etc.).
It is also important to understand when new evidence can be incorporated in a coherent way and how uncertainties in the evidence can be retained so as to give a measure of uncertainty in the solution. We will describe some of the case studies we have undertaken and discuss future research.


The University of Warwick Brussels Office
Avenue d'Auderghem 22-28

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