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First Steps Towards a Global Partnership for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in the Post-2015 Era

2 July 2015

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This informal workshop will bring together a group of key stakeholders to begin to discuss guiding principles and a vision for a global partnership for peaceful and inclusive societies. In order to bring everyone onto the same page, the workshop’s first session will seek to identify the defining aspects of Goal 16 and what successful implementation might look like in 2030. Given that implementation of the framework will largely be at national level, in the second session we will explore what will need to happen at domestic level in a variety of contexts, as well as potential obstacles to successful implementation.

With this contextual discussion in mind, the rest of the workshop will focus on global level partnerships which will assist and facilitate national implementation. These sessions will examine key actors and existing global initiatives such as the UN peacebuilding architecture, the New Deal and the Open Government Partnership. We will identify the lessons learned from existing initiatives, which ones we can build on to support peaceful and inclusive societies, and where there are gaps to be filled. We will then begin to outline a set of guiding principles and a vision for a global partnership around peaceful and inclusive societies, which will be discussed in greater detail at a second workshop to be held in late August and, potentially, formally launched at an event during the September 2015 UN General Assembly.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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