07 March 2023 09:0009 March 2023 17:00

First global meeting of the partnerships for sustainable cities

On 7-9 March 2023, the first global meeting of the ‘Partnerships for Sustainable Cities’ initiative will take place in Brussels, bringing together cities from all over the world to discuss and share experiences on the opportunities and challenges of rapid urbanisation.

‘Partnerships for Sustainable Cities’ is an innovative initiative supported by the EU (DG INTPA) to foster peer-to-peer exchanges among cities of EU Member States and partner countries around shared challenges. It has a specific focus on fragile states and wants to promote collaboration in areas such as urban planning, governance, and environmental sustainability. 

This meeting will aim:

  1. To inform participants about evolving EU policies and practices towards cities (and the place therein of the decentralised cooperation as an aid modality).

  2. To build linkages and develop synergies between participating cities, including the adoption of shared tools for communication and monitoring and evaluation.

  3. To jointly capitalise on experiences and lessons learnt during the implementation of the programme so far.

  4. To foster dialogue between participating cities and a wide range of EU stakeholders on how to strengthen mutually beneficial partnership relations.

 This meeting is an invitation-based, closed-door event.

ECDPM Staff involved