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Expo Milano 2015

2 July 2015
3 July 2015

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On Friday 3 July, ECDPM’s Francesco Rampa gave a presentation during the “Save the Children’ event at the Expo Milano 2015: The role of the private sector and public-private partnerships in the Agriculture; Nutrition and food security sectors in Sub-Sahara Africa. View the full programme here.

In October 2009, Save the Children launched “Every One”, a large international campaign to put a stop to child mortality and make a substantial contribution towards the 4th Millennium Development Goal which is to reduce child mortality by two thirds by 2015. The fight against malnutrition – contributing to over 45 percent of all childhood deaths under the age of five – is a central element in the work of Save the Children, as well as education on a healthy diet that can provide adequate nutrition to children from the day they are born, and to their mothers. Participation in Expo Milano 2015 is an important step in drawing the attention of institutions to these issues and to raise visitors’ awareness about the causes and effects of malnutrition, reflecting on the challenges and the most effective solutions.

Save the Children will participate in Expo 2015 through a series of activities, workshops, and educational courses aimed at children and adults to explore – within the Expo Site – the topics of nutrition and malnutrition and of agricultural development that is nutrition-sensitive. The Expo provides Save the Children with an opportunity to discuss the issues of hunger and nutrition in the context of defining the new post-2015 development agenda of the United Nations.



Expo 2015
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