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European Development Days 2017

7 June 2017
8 June 2017

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The European Development Days (EDD) are Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation.

Organised by the European Commission, the forum brings together each year the development community to share ideas and experiences that can inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

The eleventh edition of the European Development Days will take place in Brussels on 7 and 8 June 2017. The main focus this year will be on investing in development.

A multitude of activities, workshops and debates will explore the link between investment and the five “Ps”: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. During the EDDs, the participants will have the opportunity to hear from global leaders, visionaries and leading experts on development cooperation while networking with professionals from around the world.

ECDPM at the European Development Days 2017

ECDPM will be present at the European Development Days. Find out more about our involvement in this year’s edition of Europe’s leading forum on development and international cooperation:

Investing in creativity, the future is now

Wednesday 7 June – 09:00 to 10:00

From human development, to inclusive growth and sustainable societies. Creative sectors are among the fastest-growing worldwide and the indirect impact of culture on society and economy is tangible in many areas of the world. Investment in cultural participation empowers citizens and communities, helping to develop connectedness, wellbeing and social cohesion. The digital evolution opens up new opportunities for business development, including in remote areas.

The session will be moderated by Franco-American journalist Chris Burns and confirmed speakers include the Senegalese scholar Felwine Sarr, the former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Giro, UNESCO’s Eduardo Matoko and the Malian singer Rokia Traoré.

ECDPM is co-organising this session together with a number of other organisations. Find our work on the connection between culture and sustainable development in our dossier.

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APF support to the African Peace and Security Architecture: Successes and challenges

Wednesday 7 June – 16:15 to 17:30

The EU has been a key supporter of peace and security on the African continent over the last decade. However the security landscape has changed during this period in particular due to an increased interdependence between Europe and Africa concerning peace and security as well as the ongoing global migration crisis that has displaced more than 65 million people.

This interdependence has stimulated discussions on how EU support to the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) can be more strategically shaped over the long term, including reflections on the future orientation of the African Peace Facility (APF) in the wider context of EU support to peace and security in Africa. Why is it important for the EU to support Africa’s agenda on Peace and Stability? What has the APF achieved?

ECDPM’s Volker Hauck will speak during this session. Read his recent paper on conflict management under the African Peace and Security Architecture.

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Inclusive business and the creation of development ecosystems

The role of niche business in strengthening inclusive growth

Wednesday 7 June – 16:15 to 17:30

In this session we want to address the different possibilities of creating cross-sectoral partnerships, ecosystem creation and public-private partnerships needed to scale-up development projects and upscaling social impacts. Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo, De-LAB and the Inclusive Business Action Network will present their strategies at national, international and sectoral level to engage the private sector in development activities. Different models will be compared to figure out the most efficient processes to develop BOP products, create proactive synergies among different actors, and show the policymaking process underpinning inclusive business.

ECDPM’s Jeske van Seters will moderate this session.

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Tax justice for development

Wednesday 7 June – 18:00 to 19:15

How can the EU ensure policy coherence for development to support developing countries in their fight against tax dodging?

Tax dodging by multinational corporations and wealthy individuals is undermining development, and estimates show that developing countries lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year. However, Domestic Resource Mobilisation, with tax at its centre, has been put high on the development agenda during the UN Conference on Financing for Development in 2015 and highlighted as the key to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. The EU has pledged support to developing countries’ fight against tax avoidance, but is it really doing what is needed? How are the current tax and transparency policies of the EU and its Member States impacting developing countries, and what can be done to avoid negative spillover effects.

ECDPM’s Luckystar Miyandazi will speak at this session.

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Change-makers’ breakfast

Thursday 8 June – 08:30 to ?

Also this year, the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) and DEVCO will organise their traditional breakfast for change-makers.

During this informal meeting, senior policy-makers, officials, researchers and NGO representatives will take part in a strategic discussion on the future EU development aid. On the agenda for this breakfast, the challenging political context and what are expected to be tough negotiations on the next Multiannual Financial Framework.

By invitation only.

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Supporting partnerships for sustainable peace in the Central African Republic

Applying the New Deal framework for engagement in Fragile States: How civil society and local authorities can join forces

Thursday 8 June – 10:45 to 12:00

Using the New Deal framework for engagement in Fragile and Conflict-affected States, panelists will address the root causes of fragility in the Central African Republic (CAR), while looking at the complementarity between civil society and decentralised authorities for community resilience. This lab debate will gather representatives from CAR civil society, national and local authorities, together with the donor community to discuss each other’s role and complementarity in the country’s recovery towards sustainable peace. Starting from a policy perspective for implementing an integrated approach to address fragility, panelists will delve into the national context in the CAR, looking at how the New Deal Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals can serve as a vehicle for meeting The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the country.

ECDPM’s James Mackie will moderate this session.

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Responsible mining – partnership to help achieve the SDGs

Thursday 8 June – 15:15 to 16:30

The mining sector can provide up to 15% of direct and indirect jobs in developing countries. Thus, the EC and the mining sector are engaging in a partnership to pave the way for a concrete cooperation between public institutions, mining companies and civil society. The aim is to deliver long-term, sustainable socio-economic benefits in countries where mining is a major contributor to the national economy and to minimize its ecological footprint.

During this sessions, participants will discuss different existing initiatives from the private, the public and the development sector, analyse the challenges they encounter and how cooperation among the development partners can help to overcome those.

ECDPM’s San Bilal will moderate this session.

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ECDPM corner

Come find us in our “ECDPM corner” during this edition of the European Development Days. You can talk to our experts who will be available for exchanges and interviews. Just like during the past editions, we will film a series of interviews with experts from the world of development cooperation that you can find on our youtube channel.

Do you want to get in touch with us? Contact Valeria Pintus via or write us on Twitter @ECDPM

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