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Europe Beyond Aid: The Role of European Countries in Fostering Development through International Investment

21 October 2014 2:00 pm
21 October 2014 5:00 pm

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In an integrated world, the behaviour of rich countries and powerful institutions can profoundly affect the lives of people in poorer countries. Although aid is often the first policy that comes to mind, foreign investment is the largest source of external financing for developing countries and rich countries’ policies are therefore crucial for development abroad.

Europe Beyond Aid uses the Commitment to Development Index (CDI) to examine Europe’s collective pursuit of development friendly policies. The investment component of the CDI looks at rich countries’ policies with regards to supporting investment in poor countries.

The dialogue will discuss the draft of a new CGD paper entitled: ‘Europe Beyond Aid: The role of European Countries in Fostering Development through International Investment’ authored by Iliana Olivié and Aitor Pérez, researchers at Elcano Royal Institute. The seminar will further discuss the implications of European policy for the world’s poorest countries, the underlying policy framework, and policy recommendations for European institutions and member countries. The meeting will be chaired by Owen Barder, CGD Senior Fellow and Director for Europe.


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