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The EU in Global-Reordering: Shaping or Chasing it?”

5 February 2015

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The framework

GR:EEN is a 7th Framework Programme integrated research project focused on the challenges faced by the EU in establishing and enhancing its abilities to operate in a multi-polar world.

GR:EEN studies the role of the EU through a programme of stocktaking, multidisciplinary research and activities that aims at understanding the prospective directions of the global governance structures and Europe’s place in them. The analysis has being focusing on the extant actors from the 20th century, the 21st century rising powers, the increasingly influential non-state actors and the new transnational regulatory networks of public and private policy makers and regional agencies. For more information see:

The GR:EEN Dissemination Conference

The Final Dissemination Conference will bring together project partners and stakeholders from the EU and international organization policy communities, decision makers, representatives of the business community, the civil society and media to raise awareness, promote debate and disseminate the four-year project’s research findings and policy recommendations.

The discussion will be held in English. The conference will consist of two closed-door parallel sessions, each including three panels focused on all the main GR:EEN research topics. Each panel will be composed of one Chair + 2 GR:EEN speakers + 5/6 discussants. The very final discussion will take place in a plenary session open to the public, which will host high level personalities debating on the prospects of the EU external dimension.

ECDPM’s San Bilal will act as a discussant.

Economic recovery and transformation