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The EU Development Cooperation: Is Cooperation between the EU and Japan Possible?

25 October 2014

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The EU is the world’s major donor of ODA when the European Commission and Member Countries are taken together. At the moment, the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations are underway, and parallel negotiations on a political agreement are taking place as well.Development cooperation is one of the negotiated issues, and there are expectations that the cooperation between the EU and Japan will increase even more in the area of development cooperation that focuses on ODA.

This workshop represents the first attempt to bring distinguished European experts and practitioners together with Japanese researchers to discuss origins, development and current state of affairs of aid programs funded solely by the European Commission, the topic which is not as familiar in comparison with that of the ODA provided by Member States suchas Great Britain, France or Germany. It is also an attempt to look at the future EU-Japan cooperation in the area of development cooperation through discussions with EU policymakers.

ECDPM’s Geert Laporte will make a presentation on ‘The Present and the Future of the EU Development Cooperation’


Kobe University
Rokkodai Campas

EU foreign and development policyJapan