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Eschborn Dialogue 2014 ‘World in Motion: Mobility, Migration, Digital Change’

17 June 2014

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Greater mobility, increasing migration and digital change are accelerating the pace of political, social and economic processes. Transport and infrastructure are also becoming more important as a result of globalisation. At the same time, climate change is showing us where our limits lie, and challenging us to respond with sustainable, environmentally friendly strategies. In our more mobile world, growing numbers of people are moving from rural areas to urban centres, and from one continent to another. Digital innovations connect the centre with the periphery, bring buyers and sellers together, and make knowledge transfer easier. Political upheavals across the world have shown us the potential for digital media to stimulate change and enable participation. The state, society and the private sector are now facing transnational challenges that require new, interconnected solutions.

How can we ensure that greater mobility will help drive progress around the globe and not become an ecological risk? How can migration bring about a ‘triple win’ situation that benefits individuals, their host countries and their countries of origin? What political, social and economic changes will be possible thanks to modern communication and technical achievements? What impact do these innovations have on reform processes, transparency and participation?

ECDPM’s San Bilal will moderate a panel discussion on global value chains and trade facilitation.

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