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Enhancing inter-regional cooperation on Agenda 2030

30 March 2016
31 March 2016

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The growing importance of regional integration processes in advancing trade and investment, peace and security, poverty and inequality along with addressing the consequences of climate change on all aspects of human development has become a significant factor of persuasive influence on how sovereignty is being reshaped in response to geopolitical realities in the face of widespread and all-pervasive forces of globalisation.

A Strategic Policy dialogue in the format of a Roundtable Discussion is being proposed by the ACP Group with a view to:

  • Ascertaining from the African Union (AU), RECs/RIOs, think-tanks and CSOs (civil society organisations) what role they envisage for cooperation with the ACP Group in the implementation of Agenda 2030 and in particular, the SDGs;
  • Identifying an appropriate division of labour between the AU, RECs/RIOs and the ACP to effectively address common challenges and promote joint interests.
  • Outlining elements for project identification within the Intra-ACP component of the 11th EDF for complementary programme interventions as joint activities of the AU, RECs/RIOs and ACP in responding to the SDGs of Agenda 2030.

ECDPM’s Isabelle Ramdoo acted as a discussant.  Click here for her presentation.



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