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Cooperating across Borders: Comprehensive Responses to Transecting Global Challenges

12 November 2014
13 November 2014

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Global challenges require global responses. It has long been acknowledged that addressing multifaceted global challenges – such as food security, health, climate change, bioeconomy, biodiversity, renewable energy, and ICT for societal challenges –requires cooperation across traditional boundaries. In academia, this means cooperation between different disciplines; on a larger scale, it means cooperation that bridges sectoral, national and regional boundaries. To have real impact, and to make sure the results of academic research are applied in practice, there must be dialogue between academics and decision makers, as well as among academics and practitioners, whether they come from the commercial or NGO sector. Additionally, serious effort must be made to simultaneously address cross-cutting issues in global challenges.

As part of the FinCEAL project, UniPID will convene a two-day seminar to discuss and reconsider the different cross-cutting issues of international research, innovation and development cooperation addressing global challenges. This seminar aims to consider how international and intersectoral partnerships, interdisciplinary approaches and cross-cutting themes have been and should be taken into account and implemented in the Finnish response to global challenges.

ECDPM’s Paul Engel gave a presentation at this seminar.


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