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Consultative Meeting on the COMESA CAADP Regional Agricultural Investment Plan Public-Private Platforms for Regional Value Chain Development

27 November 2014
28 November 2014

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The ECDPM Food Programme assists the COMESA Secretariat with the preparations for the Priority N.2 of the COMESA Regional CAADP Agricultural Investment Plan, focused on public-private-partnerships (PPP) Platforms for specific regional value chains (VC). Developing regional markets and promoting investment through PPP are becoming fashionable approaches to pursue food security objectives in Africa. Many bottlenecks remain, however, both in terms of policy reforms implementation and asymmetric benefits for small farmers and other operators along agro-food value chains. So we’ve been working with COMESA for 2 years now to help them with regional CAADP actions that can be innovative and show why regional cooperation for food security can work.

The first Regional Value Chain Development Platform will be a Dairy Platform for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, which was the focus of the consultations in Kigali and will then be used to design a more general approach for COMESA member states to launch future sub-regional platforms, depending on the sub-regional value chains they consider as priorities and on the sub-groups of countries willing to work together within such sub-regional platforms (i.e. depending on what makes commercial and political sense). Thanks to our good work and trust built over the years with key players in the region (COMESA but also Eastern Africa Farmers Federation-EAFF, ministries of agriculture and trade, DPs in the region, etc), the Kigali meeting was a success, with all key players from the dairy industry attending our meeting and forming the nucleus for the future Regional Platform.

We will continue and expand this important process, as much work remains to be done (including on exact roles of different stakeholders; how the platforms should be administered and made results-oriented; identifying funding opportunities for regional platforms; etc.)

ECDPM’s Francesco Rampa and Fabien Tondel co-organised and facilitated this meeting in collaboration with COMESA. Read their blog on the issue on Talking Points here.

Meeting report:

Report of the consultative meeting on the COMESA Regional Investment Programme in Agriculture II (RIPA II) 

Background information:

Farmers’ training manual: Understanding structured trading systems

Directory of cross-border value chain actors


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