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Changing European support to peacebuilding: Does the peacebuilding community need to raise its game?

8 October 2018

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Today’s need for effective responses to rising violent conflict coincides with the most significant changes in the global and European environment in decades. As the world changes, many supporters of peacebuilding are experiencing diminishing support in political, policy and financial terms for normative agendas like peacebuilding in their daily work. While the peacebuilding community has been increasingly preoccupied with responding to these changes, there has been little independent analysis of what factors have driven support for peacebuilding.

The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)’s project and recent study on ‘Supporting peacebuilding in times of change‘ aim to fill this gap. Based on both the key findings of the study (which will be available at the meeting) and on the personal perspectives of peacebuilding experts from Germany and Europe, ECDPM and FriEnt will facilitate an in-depth discussion on the changing environment of peacebuilding on practical and policy levels. What are the most important implications of these changing trends on the peacebuilding community in Germany and Europe and how do they materialise in our institutions?  How well equipped and agile is the peacebuilding community in responding to these changes that may require more political and societal debates in their countries of origin? Have there been any strategic action taken or discussed within peacebuilding organizations?

During this event, ECDPM will launch its case study on Germany and how support to peacebuilding in the country has been affected by geopolitical as well as domestic shifts in the last 25 years.

To discuss these and further questions, peacebuilding actors from government, civil society, (political) foundations, academia and research will engage in an intensive exchange and dialogue about the future of peacebuilding support in the German and wider European context.

Our work on the changing environment for peacebuilding in Europe

We have collected all the publications, videos and infographics related to our work on the changing nature of support to peacebuilding in Europe in a project dossier. Please take a look by clicking on the image below.


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