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Central Africa: A region left behind? Re-considering approaches to improving development outcomes in Central Africa

21 April 2016

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The purpose of this Consultation, which is co-hosted by UNDP and the European Union, is to generate fresh approaches to improving development outcomes in Central Africa, with a view to mobilizing renewed attention to the sub-region in ensuring it is not permanently left behind. Discussion is to be informed by a recent sub-regional strategic assessment of Central Africa completed by UNDP – the first in a planned series.

Bringing together senior officials from each organization, as well as regional institutions and other development partners, the meeting is timed to inform a number of relevant ongoing debates around tackling violent extremism, migration, poverty, economic development and regional integration. The emerging perspective for Central Africa gives ample room to envisage how a steadily growing population of young people without sufficient employment opportunities may readily choose or be forced to flee further afield, if current restrictions to rights and opportunity do not improve.

ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers will moderate a session on ‘Shared challenges confronting Central African states, requiring sub-regional level response’.

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