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Building Policy Coherence: Tools and Tensions 2.0

30 March 2015
31 March 2015

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The proposed UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 (means of implementation) includes Target 17.14, to: “enhance policy coherence for sustainable development”. At present there is no further elaboration of what this target should be or how it would be monitored. Like some of the other means of implementation set out in Goal 17, policy coherence for sustainable development involves processes and means, rather than ultimate outcomes. It is therefore challenging to define or measure a target for PCSD in a rigorous, outcome-focused way.

ECDPM’s Anna Knoll will act as a discussant in the session on ‘Shaping a universal, measurable and achievable target for policy coherence in the SDG framework’.

This session will provide an opportunity to reflect on possible specific targets for Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD) within the SDG framework. It will start with a discussion of the views of the International Council for Science as well as the German Development Institute (DIE) on the OWG and SDSN proposals and on the place of policy coherence in framing and implementing the universal SDG framework. It will then consider the proposal by the OECD PCD Unit for a policy coherence target that is SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound).


OECD Conference Centre
2, rue André Pascal

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