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BRICS in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities – African and European/German Perspectives

10 September 2014

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Unlike many previous BRICS formats our event is designed as an African – European /German dialogue. Following up the BRICS summit in Durban last year, the development in Africa would be in the center of the debate.

It is also envisaged to discuss the complementarity or exclusivity of the new BRICS instruments (BRICS Development Bank, BRICS Monetary Fund) – which were decided at the last BRICS summit in South Africa and will most likely be finalized at the forthcoming BRICS Summit in Brazil.

In addition, there should be a debate on how the role of South Africa within the BRICS is seen in other major African countries (like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tansania, Ethiopia). Is South Africa seen as a legitimate representative of pan-African interests within the BRICS?

What does alignment with the BRICS mean for South Africa´s foreign policy positioning?

Last but not least it is planned to discuss with African representatives from ministries, embassies and think tanks what role will, can and should Germany play in the relations between the BRICS and BRICS countries and Europe play.We are very pleased that Anil Sooklal, Deputy Director General for Asia and the Middle East at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation for South Africa and BRICS Ambassador of South Africa will participate in our symposium and in the subsequent public panel discussion. We are delighted that Dr. Clemens v. Goetze, Director General for Africa, Asia, Latin America, Near and Middle East of the German Foreign Office will participate in our symposium. We are also delighted that Rolf Mützenich, deputy Chairman of the German SPD parliamentary group – responsible for the areas of foreign policy, defense and human rights – already agreed to join our public panel discussion.

ECDPM’s Geert Laporte will be a discussant at this symposium.

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