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Betting on a Growing Market: Urbanisation, Demographic Boom and Opportunities in Africa

6 October 2015

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The EMnet meeting will discuss the business opportunities and challenges that will arise with the unprecedented demographic and urban growth that Africa will experience in the first half of this century.

Session 1: Can the private sector take advantage of urbanisation and population growth?
This session will discuss how foreign direct investments in the continent are responding to these trends by increasingly targeting the retail sector, notably consumer goods and services.

Session 2: Scaling up infrastructures to meet a growing energy demand
This session will examine what governments can do to enhance energy and electricity infrastructures in Africa, to meet a growing demand from the population and the private sector.

Session 3: Redesigning African cities
This session will look into the challenges of improving urban planning, connectivity, utility services, environmental protection and urban/rural dynamics.

Session 4: Risk management to support foreign investment in Africa
This session will discuss how enterprises identify and respond to risks of adverse impacts associated with particular sectors and regions in Africa.Session5: Key levers of industrialisation in Africa 

Session 5: Key levers of industrialisation in Africa
This session will discuss how a young and growing active population, a fast growing domestic market, large land availability and increasing manufacturing costs in Asia can potentially open up new opportunities for manufacturing activities in Africa.

Session 6: Trends in regional integration and opportunities for businesses
This session will analyse the current integration trends and discuss how businesses can take advantage of them.

ECDPM’s San Bilal will sit on the panel of session 6.


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