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Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Annual Conference

24 October 2018
26 October 2018

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Each year, the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Annual Conference gathers together a diverse network of peacebuilders and provides them with the opportunity to share their achievements, insights, and, most importantly, visions for the future of peacebuilding. Over the course of three dynamic days, conference participants have the opportunity to constructively engage in an array of activities and workshops structured around cutting-edge developments in the field of peacebuilding, from neuroscience and psychosocial healing to storytelling and the media. With past participants from over 200 organizations and 30 countries around the world, PeaceCon 2018 will be a pivotal juncture for exploring the challenges facing the field of peacebuilding, as well as developing collaborative solutions for the future.

ECDPM’s Andrew Sherriff, Pauline Veron and Matthias Deneckere will present ECDPM analysis of the changing nature of support to peacebuilding.


Alliance for Peacebuilding
1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 401
DC 20036
United States

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