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Agenda 2030 put into practice: what future for rural development?

1 February 2017
2 February 2017

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2017 Annual General Assembly of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Rural transformation is defined as a process of change in rural areas which depends on many factors and dynamics not only economic, but also social, cultural, political and environmental. The process is an ongoing phenomenon that is happening in rural areas all over the world and can generate positive and negative effects. The positive outcome depends on the buffering of negative trends by designing policies that install broader support actions for rural development, which are economically viable, socially inclusive and ecologically sound, thus sustainable.

The complexity of rural transformation leaves development partners uncertain about the necessary new design of development cooperation in line with Agenda 2030. As such, the upcoming Annual General Assembly is titled: “Agenda 2030 put into practice: what future for rural development?” To help us in these inquiries we will take ourselves to the future and look back at the ways our work might have transpired. Looking back from the year 2030, the 2017 AGA will take a closer look at where rural transformation might be a decade from now and what role agriculture will play considering the new SDGs, the growing changes in Official Development Assistance (ODA), the challenges of climate change impact, the fact that millions of low-income people in rural as well as urban areas, are still highly food insecure.


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