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Africa’s economic transformation in the context of the G-20 Partnership with Africa

11 May 2017

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Economic transformation has now become the leading paradigm for sustainable, inclusive, and people-centered development in Africa. It sits at the center of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and is an integral element of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, as well as long-term strategies endorsed in recent years by the African Development Bank and the Economic Commission for Africa.

Related to these, G-20 is undertaking a new, large-scale initiative with Africa including the Compact with Africa for increased private sector investment and trade, improved infrastructure for energy and transport, and strong vocational training to support labor markets and generate jobs—all critical components of an economic transformation agenda. To inform these initiatives, conversations are taking place throughout Europe and Africa to discuss modalities to implement the G20’s partnership with Africa.

Led by experts in the field, this conference organised by ACET and KAS will contribute to these conversations by focusing on opportunities for collaboration in areas known to be key drivers of transformation, including agriculture, manufacturing, resource management, extractives, trade, and skills development—all leading to more jobs, higher wages, and improved quality of life.

ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers will speak at this event, and Kathleen van Hove will be a rapporteur.


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