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“By Africa, for Africa?” Industrialisation and Integration for Inclusive Growth

6 October 2014

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This Forum is organised by the OECD Development Centre in partnership with the African Union Commission, and benefits from the 2014
African Economic Outlook jointly produced with the African Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme.

Reaching an average growth rate of about 4% in 2013, compared to the 3% growth of the global economy, Africa proved again its dynamism and resilience to regional and international turmoil. Africa´s average growth is projected to accelerate to close to 5% in 2014 and 5%-6% in 2015, particularly enhanced by the vitality of West and East African economies. A fabulous window of opportunity, this solid growth must be more inclusive to achieve Africa’s economic transformation as well as political and social stability, better using the regional and global value chains to its benefits, and addressing future challenges such as the fast pace of urbanisation bringing along necessary changes in territorial policies.

The Africa Forum is the annual gathering where OECD and African policy-makers meet private sector representatives, academics and civil society leaders working on and with Africa to discuss the region’s main challenges and opportunities. Organised by the OECD development Centre in partnership with the African Union Commission, the 2014 edition will focus on the achievements and limits of the current transformation of African economies, notably through Africa’s insertion into the global and regional value chains, as well as the new challenges that territorial development policies and the growing discrepancy between rural and urban areas represent, in Africa.

The debates will benefit from the conclusions of the African Economic Outlook 2014 report, jointly produced by the OECD Development CentreAfrican Development Bank (AfDB) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The publication is available at


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