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Achieving inclusive development in Africa: policies, processes and political settlements

12 May 2014
15 May 2014

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The meeting has two overarching objectives:

  • an exchange of evidence and ideas from completed research on the economic and political conditions for achieving economic transformation and inclusive development in Africa;
  • an assessment of how to achieve better research-policy linkages on transformation and inclusion, with particular reference to productive employment and social protection.

The seminar is co-hosted by three entities: the Developmental Regimes Africa project led by the Overseas Development Institute with the University of Leiden; the Knowledge Platform on Development Policies sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands with a network of African policy research institutes; and the Knowledge Delivery pillar and Capacity Development Division of the UN Economic Commission for Africa. The aim is to bring together and stimulate a forward-looking debate among representatives of Africa’s major policy knowledge networks, international agencies based in Africa, distinguished researchers and policy thinkers, and influential business leaders and government advisers in the region.

Economic recovery and transformation