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7th Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation

6 May 2014

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The Great Lakes region, joint efforts towards stability and development

The Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation is an annual forum that brings together political leaders, governmental actors, civil society, universities and scientific institutes. This event has a dual objective. Firstly, it serves as a source of information on international challenges that development cooperation faces. Secondly, it examines political and organisational policy aspects relating to the Belgian context, and provides suggestions for the Belgian Development Cooperation. In doing so, it also seeks to stimulate policy coherence for development.

The theme of this year’s meeting is the Belgian Development Cooperation and the Great Lakes region in Africa. Since more than 20 years, the region has been plagued by political instability and armed conflicts, porous borders and humanitarian crisis, along with tensions over natural resources and other potentially destabilizing factors. This challenging, risk-prone and difficult context has not withheld the Belgian Development Cooperation and many of its partner organizations from concentrating a large part of their means and efforts onto the countries of the region, with the aim of alleviating poverty and achieving stability and security for its people.


Palais d'Egmont
Petit Sablon 8

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