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5th Edition of the Blended Finance Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit

27 March 2018
28 March 2018

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Following on from previous summits, held in Accra, London, Frankfurt and Abuja, Welcome2Africa International is pleased to invite stakeholders to participate in our Blended Finance Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit, which is scheduled to take place 27+28th March in Brussels Belgium (AAIS2018).

AAIS2018 seeks to provide, seeks to provide an engaging platform for key stakeholders to better understand the intricacies of blended finance for the development of Agribusiness in Africa. AAIS2018 will explore how blended finance can be used for Africa’s Agribusiness sector and to understand how to maximize the potential of blended finance while minimizing the associated risks and ensuring the most appropriate use of all forms of development finance.

Key Topics to be discussed at AAIS2018 include:

  • The different motivations for blended finance for Africa’s Agribusiness Sector
  • How can donors be coordinated to be more effective with their blended finance efforts
  • Balancing financial incentives and impact for Agribusiness in Africa
  • Case Studies of successful Agribusiness blended finance deals
  • Structuring Blended Finance Deals in a sustainable manner
  • How to Adopt clear defined monitoring and evaluation methods
  • Best practices: Develop best practices for deploying blended finance in key economic systems
  • How to Make Blended Finance Sustainable
  • Lessons learnt from Blended Finance Agribusiness Deals

Sebastian Grosse-Puppendahl will be speaking at this event.


Maison de l’Automobile
Boulevard de la Woluwe 46

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