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2014 Busan Global Partnership Workshop

6 November 2014
7 November 2014

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Government, business, civil society and other leaders from around the world will join a Global Partnership workshop this November on how to make development co-operation work best in their countries.

The Republic of South Korea is launching an annual workshop in Seoul on 6-7 November 2014 to bring together over 100 development leaders, including developing countries, Northern and Southern providers, the private sector, academia and many others.

Using the Busan Partnership Agreement as the guiding principles, the workshop will:

  • provide qualitative evidence and a knowledge base on how to implement the Busan commitments on the ground;
  • create an inclusive forum for development actors across different sectors to bring their experience and insights;
  • complement the work of the Steering Committee and biannual High-Level Meetings by collecting inputs and recommendations to strengthen the work of the Global Partnership;

The workshop builds on a successful country-focused development workshop held in Seoul in 2013. To get more information on this workshop, please contact

ECDPM’s Geert Laporte will act as a moderator at this workshop.

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