Making policies work

Eunike Spierings’ external publications and contributions

Study on the legal instruments and lessons learned from the evaluations managed by the Joint Evaluation Unit ECDPM and Particip, Brussels: European Commission, 2011

Comparative analysis of EU donor policies towards working with Civil Society Organisations
Niels Keijzer, Eunike Spierings, Document analysis commissioned by DSO/MO, 12 July 2011

Gemeenschappelijke opvattingen en geleerde lessen van het Kwaliteitshuis. Analyse van conclusies en aanbevelingen van de produucten van het Kwaliteitshuis tussen 2003 en 2006, gecategoriseerd in het INK model
Eunike Spierings, Amsterdam: Partos, 2008

Maatschappijwetenschappen Ontwikkelingssamenwerking. Docentenhandleiding
Eunike Spierings, (composition), Wormerveer: Uitgeverij Essener, 2008

Program-evaluations. Policy choices and consequence for practice
Eunike Spierings, Nijmegen/Utrecht, Advanced MA thesis Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen and ICCO, 2008

Creating life beyond platinum. Strategies of platinum mining companies to obtain a social license to operate
Eunike Spierings, Nijmegen: MA thesis Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen, 2006

The note ‘business in conflict areas’ in practice. A research to the practice of Dutch Embassies
Eunike Spierings, Utrecht/Amsterdam: Pax Christi and NiZA, 2005