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Gender and development cooperation

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The international community – from multilateral institutions, governments, civil society to the private sector – is paying increasing attention to gender-related issues. The question has shifted from why gender matters to how gender is integrated into development policy and translated into concrete actions.

Incorporating gender in policies related to climate change, migration, conflict, economic transformation, food and nutrition is not only a matter of rights, but an essential condition for sustainable development. This is why, at ECDPM, we are working on integrating meaningfully gender into our research on all these different topics, and beyond.

For instance, how can tax systems promote gender equality? What is the link between empowering girls and women and tackling climate change? Are policy-makers taking gender into account when trying to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism? In this dossier, we share our latest work on gender and try to answer these questions and more.

You can find more information on our approach in this information note.

Would you like to know more about our work on gender? Get in touch with Sophie Desmidt or Virginia Mucchi.

Peace and security

Photo by United Nations Photo via Flickr.

Rhetoric and real progress on the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Africa
Sophie Desmidt and Laura Davis, ECDPM paper, March 2019

Women and mediation in Africa under the APSA and the AGA
Sophie Desmidt, Philomena Apiko and Karl Fannar Sævarsson, ECDPM paper, December 2017

Women, peace and security: Making sure that the voice of the voiceless is being heard
Sophie Desmidt talks to H.E. Bineta Diop, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Humanitarian crises are not temporary, nor are sexual and reproductive health needs
Robyn Drysdale, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Gender considerations in efforts to prevent the spread of radicalisation and violent extremism
Comfort Lamptey, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Enhancing the EU response to women and armed conflict
Karen Barnes, ECDPM paper, April 2008

Business, trade and finance

Photo by UN Women via Flickr.

‘SheTrades’ and we all benefit
Arancha Gonzalez, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Illicit financial flows and promoting gender equality through tax systems
Crystal Simeoni, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Women and entrepreneurship in Africa
Rose Sakala, ECDPM Great Insights article, October 2016

Links between trade and gender in the African services sector
Irene Ochem, ECDPM Great Insights article, December 2016

EU trade policy: Gender-sensitive or gender blind?
Elina Viilup, ECDPM Great Insights article, December 2016

‘Nothing for us without us’ – A gender-sensitive and bottom-up approach to cross-border trade formalization policies
Karim Karaki, Include, August 2016

Mobilising and empowering local miners in Africa
Kojo Busia, ECDPM Great Insights article, April 2015

Inclusive economic growth through women’s entrepreneurship promotion: What works and what doesn’t?
Saskia Vossenberg, ECDPM Great Insights article, June 2014

Creating more and better jobs: The defining issue of our time
Roland Michelitsch, ECDPM Great Insights article, February 2014

Agriculture, nutrition and climate change

Photo by Marcos Villalta / Save the Children via Flickr – DFID.

No sustainable improvements in nutrition unless women and girls are empowered as agents of change
Carmen Torres and Gerda Verburg, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Gender equality essential to confront climate change impacts
Sven Harmeling and Emma Bowa, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Women’s struggle in food value chains
Hanne Knaepen and Karim Karaki, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Animation: Empowering women in Africa – A crucial step to achieving food security
ECDPM animation, February 2017

Empowering women in Africa: The only way to achieve food security
Carmen Torres and Hanne Knaepen, ECDPM blog, 9 September 2016

Making climate-smart also people-smart
Leisa Perch, ECDPM Great Insights article, March 2015

Other relevant work

What can Africa and Europe celebrate on women’s day this year?
Sophie Desmidt, ECDPM blog, 9 March 2020

Sexual and reproductive health and rights: Opportunities in EU external action beyond 2020
Sanne Thijssen, Jean Bossuyt and Sophie Desmidt, ECDPM paper, June 2019

Four opportunities to give to gender the importance it deserves in EU policy and external spending
Andrew Sherriff and Noemi Cascone, ECDPM blog, 4 March 2019

Promoting gender in the EU external response to migration: The case of the Trust Fund for Africa
Noemi Cascone and Anna Knoll, ECDPM paper, October 2018

ECDPM is a partner of the Brussels Binder
A database collecting the data of women professionals and experts in Brussels, also in the field of development policy.

She drives change
ECDPM Great Insights magazine, May 2017

Gender budgeting in sub-Saharan Africa
Janet G. Stotsky, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Engaging men and boys for gender equality… What do women have to do with it?
Angelica Pino, ECDPM Great Insights article, May 2017

Gender and the political economy of regional integration in Africa
ECDPM project, January 2016
Some of our studies on the political economy of regional integration in Africa focus on gender

Promoting the participation of women in local governance and development: The case of Ghana
Esther Ofei-Aboagye, ECDPM paper, October 2000