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Dossier: Business-civil society organisations (CSO) partnerships


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This dossier brings together all our work on business-civil society organisations (CSO) partnerships over the past years. Would you like to know more, or would you like to partner with us? Get in touch with Jeske van Seters via, or contact one of the other team members listed on this page.

With the 2030 Agenda, the development community has put a lot of emphasis on multi-stakeholder partnerships including CSO and business partnerships both as a resource and means of implementation to deliver on the SDGs. The rationale behind is: development challenges are increasingly and interrelated and therefore the development community (public sector, private sector and CSO) must come together to address these issues.

That being said, while they are being heavily promoted, the results of MSP have been so far so disappointing.

What have we done

Building on a rich experience working on civil society engagement and private sector development, ECDPM has worked extensively on business-CSO partnerships, specifically looking into the drivers and constraints of this form of cooperation.

We developed a methodology to assess CSO-business cooperation using a political economy analysis perspective and applied this to in-depth case studies in the extractive and dairy sector in various countries. We also look at the role of development partners and donor agencies in financing and brokering and promoting partnerships for sustainable development.

This way, ECDPM seeks to contribute to the debate on the implementation of the sustainable development goals and the role of CSO-business partnerships as drivers or enablers of change. By looking at the political economy of partnership dynamics and the process of partnering itself, we aim to go beyond the business case or novelty value of partnerships and provide tangible evidence on what it is that makes partnerships succeed or fail.

Blogs and publications

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Karim Karaki, Alfonso Medinilla, November 2016
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Karim Karaki, Alfonso Medinilla, November 2016
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A territorial approach to multi-stakeholder partnerships
Karim Karaki, Alfonso Medinilla, October 2016
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Mining and community-based agribusiness for development: Multi-stakeholder partnerships in the gold sector in Ghana
Alfonso Medinilla, May 2016
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Sustainable rural employment or corporate social responsibility? An analysis of dairy partnerships between business and civil society organisations in Tanzania and Kenya
Karim Karaki, Alfonso Medinilla, May 2016
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Partnerships or patronage for development? Business-Civil Society Organisations (CSO) partnerships in the mining sector in Madagascar
Alfonso Medinilla, May 2016
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San Bilal, March 2016
Editorial from GREAT Insights Volume 5, Issue 2.

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Karim Karaki, March 2016
Article from GREAT Insights Volume 5, Issue 2.

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Karim Karaki, March 2016
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Bruce Byiers, Francesca Guadagno, Karim Karaki, January 2016
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Bruce Byiers, Karim Karaki,Francesca Guadagno, December 2015
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Karim Karaki, Bruce Byiers, November 2015
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Multi-stakeholder partnerships in the post-2015 development agenda: Time to get down to earth?
Karim Karaki, October 2015
Talking Points Blog

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