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Conflict Prevention, Mediation and Support to Transition

The European Union has a long history and rich experience as an actor in mediation and dialogue from its recent high-level work regarding Kosovo-Serbia to supporting grassroots work in the Philippines. However, despite EU experience illustrating a ‘glass half full’, the breadth and depth of this engagement in mediation and dialogue is not entirely recognised.

“Clear opportunities exist in the EU’s institutional setup to scale-up mediation and dialogue within a comprehensive approach to conflict prevention, peacebuilding and stability”

We have been working on mediation and dialogue in close collaboration with the European External Action Service. In a major evaluation, we looked at the lessons learnt in EU mediation and dialogue in understanding context and adaption and getting the the most out of the EU’s partnerships, moving from ad hoc approaches to clearly defined best practice at the international level.

ReadGlass half full: Study on EU lessons learnt in mediation and dialogue

Through the mediation and dialogue evaluation, we aimed to address the strategic aspects of mediation in the context of EU external action, support mediation activities, help mobilising expertise and strengthen internal mediation capacities through knowledge exchange and training.

ECDPM also produced fact sheets for the EEAS for use by EU officials engaging in mediation and dialogue that build on existing experience, practice, knowledge and operational guidancee.

ECDPM Mediation and Dialogue Factsheets

Thematic Evaluation