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  • BlogNew year, new aspirations for Europe-Africa relations?
  • PaperSewing the pieces together: Towards an EU strategy for fair and sustainable textiles
  • BriefBoosting EU climate finance: Mitigate more without neglecting adaptation in poorer countries
  • PaperInput for Estonia’s new Africa strategy

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Latest blog from Hanne Knaepen

COP25: The eternal challenge of competing interests

Hanne Knaepen | 16 December 2020

The outcomes of COP25 were very modest. Africa’s call for solidarity was not met, but Europe seems determined to take the lead on climate action, argues Hanne Knaepen.

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Latest paper from Francesco Rampa

The global institutional landscape of food and agriculture: How to achieve SDG 2

Francesco Rampa | 16 December 2019

Francesco Rampa, Koen Dekeyser, Robyn Alders and Osman Dar suggest ways to close the funding gap for Sustainable Development Goal 2 and put forward principles and ideas for a reformed global institutional landscape of food and agriculture.

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Latest blog from Philomena Apiko

Botswana: One of Africa’s most stable democracies, but where are the women?

Philomena Apiko | 2 December 2019

Philomena Apiko reports on Botswana’s recent elections, which were the first genuinely competitive national polls. But the female representation did not impress her: only 11 out of 210 parliamentary candidates were women.

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Climate change

In this dossier we share our work on climate change and Europe-Africa cooperation. We look at climate from various angles, including the UNFCCC negotiations, cooperation on agriculture and sustainable food systems, gender, migration and finance.

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The Multiannual Financial Framework

In this dossier you can find our latest publications on the upcoming Multiannual Financial Framework – the next long-term EU budget.

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Brexit and international cooperation

What does Brexit imply for the future of EU-UK relations? How will it impact development, trade and international cooperation between Europe and Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific? In this dossier, you can find our latest Brexit analyses and blogs.

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The political economy dynamics of regional organisations in Africa

What blocks or drives regional integration in Africa? And what role do regional organisations play in this? Find out more.

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