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Can EU-Africa relations be deepened? A political economy perspective on power relations, interests and incentives

Publications | Published on 20-11-2017

Jean Bossuyt

Sixty years ago, the signing of the Rome Treaty (1957) paved the way for Europe to engage in develop [...]


Coherence report - Insights from the external evaluation of the External Financing Instruments

Publications | Published on 08-09-2017

Jean Bossuyt

By the end of 2017, a mid-term review (MTR) of External Financing Instruments (EFIs) has to be prese [...]


Diverging governance paradigms? EU and US views on global development

Events | Published on 20-11-2017

Volker Hauck

The EU-US dialogue on the future of development policy will take place in Brussels on 20-22 November [...]

Global trends to 2030: Society and governance

Events | Published on 11-11-2016

Martin Ronceray

The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) promotes inter-institutional cooperation be [...]

Strategically financing an effective role for the EU in the world

Events | Published on 09-10-2017

Andrew Sherriff | Geert Laporte | Jean Bossuyt | Mariella Di Ciommo

ECDPM was invited to present the paper Strategically financing an effective role for the EU in the w [...]

African Minerals Development Centre – Launch of a Milestone for Making Good Use of Minerals for Africa’s Development?

Blog | Published on 20-12-2013

Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

The 3rd Ordinary Session of the African Union Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Minera [...]

The European Commission, Civil Society Organisations and the Private Sector – When Talking the Same Language Isn’t Quite Enough

Blog | Published on 24-03-2014

Bruce Byiers

The Economist magazine has an amusing article that does the rounds from time to time that translates [...]

5 Take-aways from the OECD Global Forum on Development

Blog | Published on 18-07-2014

Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

The Global Forum on Development hosted last week by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and De [...]

Conférence des donateurs pour le Mali: le risque des solutions "low cost"

Blog | Published on 03-06-2013

This is a special French translation of the original Mali donors conference: towards low cost soluti [...]

Sahel Strategies Compared - Third Donors Conference on Mali

Blog | Published on 16-05-2014

Coordinating various strategies in the Sahel will allow donors and partners to build their legitimac [...]