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Tunisia’s new law: another step towards local democracy

Blog | Published on 03-02-2017

Tasnim Abderrahim

This week, Tunisia s national assembly has passed the long-awaited law on elections and referenda, a [...]

How North Africa’s look towards the south can shake up AU-EU relations

Blog | Published on 27-11-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Tasnim Abderrahim

For the first time since its creation, the African Union finally embraces the whole African continen [...]

The Sustainable Development Goals, the EU and member states: Getting their act together and acting together

Blog | Published on 19-02-2018

Alexei Jones

Back in 2015, the European Union took a serious commitment to reach a number of ambitious, transform [...]

Is Rising Africa Marginal in Malmström’s Thinking on European Trade Policy?

Blog | Published on 03-10-2014

Sean Woolfrey

Negotiations with major developed countries and emerging markets are likely to dominate the European [...]

Thinking beyond the resource boom: African countries must avoid procrastination

Blog | Published on 12-02-2016

The resource sector has entered into a new phase. Prolonged downswings in commodity prices, fuelled [...]

Behind the Facade: Looking Deeper into Busan

Blog | Published on 21-11-2014

Geert Laporte

Major meetings in Busan (2011) and Mexico (2014) re-iterated the key principles for effective develo [...]

Policy Coherence in 2017: Lessons from the United Nations High Level Political Forum

Blog | Published on 18-09-2017

Martin Ronceray

The concept of 'policy coherence has progressively gained prominence among the international develop [...]

How can Intra-African Agricultural Trade be Tripled?

Blog | Published on 10-10-2014

Francesco Rampa

Tripling intra-African agricultural trade needs collective action, say experts at ECDPM side-event, [...]

Le riz : grande star de la conférence de Dakar

Blog | Published on 06-11-2015

Carmen Torres

La révision de la politique agricole de l'Afrique de l Ouest (ECOWAP/PDDAA) en cours est un exerci [...]

EU-Tunisia cooperation on migration: Conflicting agendas?

Blog | Published on 15-03-2017

Anna Knoll | Tasnim Abderrahim

Our previous blog outlined the EU s vision of migration management together with partners in North A [...]