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De-securitising conflict responses in Africa: What prospects for a structural conflict prevention approach?

Publications | Published on 27-01-2017

Faten Aggad-Clerx | Sophie Desmidt

This discussion paper builds on the increasing importance of regional approaches to conflict, which [...]


Peacebuilding, conflict prevention and conflict monitoring in the African Peace and Security Architecture

Publications | Published on 16-03-2016

Sophie Desmidt

This background note sheds light on the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) and makes ref [...]


A pragmatic review of the European Neighbourhood Policy that leaves some key dilemmas untackled

Talking Points Blog | Published on 17-12-2015

Greta Galeazzi

After a year-long review of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the results were presented by t [...]

Words into deeds on governance for peace and prosperity

Talking Points Blog | Published on 05-11-2015

Sahra El Fassi (Alumna)

An edited, modified and shortened version of this article was originally published on the blog of th [...]

Migration: African and European parliaments tackling violent extremism and terrorism

Multimedia | Published on 23-10-2015

Volker Hauck

African and European parliamentarians have declared their shared expectations of how to support the [...]

Bringing us back to the larger questions

Talking Points Blog | Published on 16-10-2015

Frauke de Weijer

This article originally appeared in the OECD's Institutions and Stability blog in October 2015 In a [...]

Towards a European strategy for a changing world

Events | Published on 14-10-2015

Andrew Sherriff | Ewald Wermuth | James Mackie | Melissa Julian | San Bilal

Lunchtime debate: Our collective interest Brussels, 14th October 2015 This event brings together the [...]

A governance practitioner’s notebook

Publications | Published on 09-10-2015

Frauke de Weijer | Volker Hauck

The Governance Practitioner s Notebook takes an unusual approach for the OECD-DAC Network on Governa [...]


Towards a multidimensional fragility framework

Events | Published on 07-10-2015

Volker Hauck

OECD conflict and fragility consultation How should the OECD monitor 'fragility in the coming years? [...]

Video: Joseph Whittal - EDD15

Multimedia | Published on 02-10-2015

Sophie Desmidt

ECDPM spoke to Joseph Whittal (Deputy Commissioner of Human Rights, Ghana) at this year's European D [...]