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The European Union, the East African Community, and the Continental Integration of Africa - Potential and Challenges

Events | Published on 25-09-2018

Emmanuel De Groof

This international conference will be part of the Jean Monnet Eurafrican Dialogues in Rwanda, themse [...]

Making markets work for indigenous vegetables in the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya

Publications | Published on 25-09-2018

Hanne Knaepen

Like in other parts of Kenya, the population around Lake Naivasha produces and consumes various indi [...]


Advancing the impossible? Progress of the joint African, European and international response to the migration crisis in Libya

Publications | Published on 23-09-2018

Tasnim Abderrahim

Italy s hard-line policy on migration under the new government has sparked renewed controversies abo [...]


Workshop on the Changing Nature of European Support to Peacebuilding

Events | Published on 19-09-2018

Andrew Sherriff

ECDPM's Andrew Sherriff will present at the ECDPM & FriEnt (German Network for Peace and Development [...]

Changing European support to peacebuilding: Does the peacebuilding community need to raise its game?

Events | Published on 19-09-2018

Andrew Sherriff | Matthias Deneckere

Today s need for effective responses to rising violent conflict coincides with the most significant [...]

Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Annual Conference

Events | Published on 19-09-2018

Andrew Sherriff | Matthias Deneckere | Pauline Veron

Each year, the Alliance for Peacebuilding s Annual Conference gathers together a diverse network of [...]

EU like-minded group on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework

Events | Published on 19-09-2018

Andrew Sherriff | Mariella Di Ciommo

ECDPM's Andrew Sherriff and Mariella Di Ciommo will present recent ECDPM research on the EU Multiann [...]

Informal meeting of the Council Committee on Development Cooperation (CODEV)

Events | Published on 19-09-2018

Alexei Jones | Andrew Sherriff

ECDPM's Andrew Sherriff and Alexei Jones will present a session on the Multiannual Financial Framewo [...]

Sanne Thijssen

Our People | Published on 18-09-2018

Sanne Thijssen, a Dutch/Kenyan national, is a research assistant for the European External Affairs t [...]

Supporting peacebuilding in times of change

Publications | Published on 17-09-2018

Andrew Sherriff | Matthias Deneckere | Pauline Veron | Volker Hauck

What are the significant and recurrent factors that influence support to peacebuilding in Europe? An [...]