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EU slims down number of beneficiaries under new trade scheme

Blog | Published on 13-05-2011

On 10 May, the European Commission (EC) put forward its proposal for a new European Union (EU) regul [...]

European Development Cooperation– New Challenges, New Beginnings

Blog | Published on 03-02-2010

Europe wants to play a greater role on the world stage and arguably has the means and vision to do t [...]

The political economy of decentralization reforms. Implications for aid effectiveness

Blog | Published on 18-10-2010

Decentralization has been an important reform in many developing countries and a major focus of the [...]

European Think Tanks Group publishes policy brief on EEAS

Blog | Published on 07-06-2010

Four leading European Think-Tanks have published a new policy note titled 'Development-proofing the [...]

EU position for Busan takes shape

Blog | Published on 29-07-2011

At its meeting on 13 July, the European Parliament s Development Committee held an exchange of views [...]

The ACP and Europe: What Future for a Privileged Relationship?

Blog | Published on 20-05-2011

Geert Laporte

When it was signed in 2000, the Cotonou Partnership Agreement between the 79-member African, Caribbe [...]

EDF scores high in UK aid review

Blog | Published on 18-03-2011

On 1 March, the UK government published reviews of it s bilateral and multilateral aid programmes an [...]

Not letting the immediate crowd out the important: Making the most of the upcoming AU – EU peace and security dialogue

Blog | Published on 09-12-2009

Andrew Sherriff

Contribution by Andrew Sherriff and Eleonora Koeb. On the 12th of October 2009, the African Union P [...]

From Lisbon to Copenhagen: What’s in store for ACP-EU relations in 2010?

Blog | Published on 28-01-2010

European Parliament and Commissioner for Development exchange views on challenges and opportunities in European development cooperation

Blog | Published on 23-03-2010

On Wednesday 17 March, the Development Committee of the European Parliament reserved a slot for four [...]