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Galvaniser les efforts en faveur des objectifs mondiaux

Publications | Published on 03-03-2016

James Mackie | Matthias Deneckere

Cette entame de 2016 marque le début d une nouvelle ère de la coopération internationale où le t [...]


The World Humanitarian Summit – What will the EU bring to the table?

Events | Published on 19-05-2016

Matthias Deneckere

The first World Humanitarian Summit will be held in Istanbul on 23-24 May 2016. Ahead of the Summit, [...]

Is education a hidden shortcut from crisis to stability?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 13-03-2015

Fernanda Faria | Matthias Deneckere

The post-2015 education agenda must fully integrate itself into the humanitarian and peacebuilding a [...]

Conflict, Security and Resilience

Programmes | Published on 13-09-2013

Andrew Sherriff | Anna Knoll | Bethany Keeley (Alumna) | Edgar Cizero Ntasano (Alumnus) | Fernanda Faria | Frauke de Weijer | Joyce Olders | Marloes Verholt (Alumna) | Matthias Deneckere | Pauline Veron (Alumna) | Sophie Desmidt | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna) | Tony Land | Volker Hauck

ECDPM s Conflict, Security and Resilience Programme supports and informs processes that make conflic [...]

Towards a Post-Hyogo Framework for Action: Strengthening Disaster Resilience for Sustainable Development

Events | Published on 20-01-2015

Matthias Deneckere

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for discusion between MEPs and the representatives of [...]

Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: What Has Been Done, What Needs to Be Done?

Events | Published on 31-08-2015

Matthias Deneckere

Though the Gulf of Guinea and maritime insecurity may have been absent from the headlines recently, [...]

Bridging the Gap - The Role of Health, Education and Data in Paving the Way from Crisis to Stability

Events | Published on 05-03-2015

Fernanda Faria | Matthias Deneckere | Rhys Williams (Alumnus) | Tony Land | Volker Hauck

OVERVIEW POLICY WORKSHOP The European Union FP7-financed CAERUS Consortium will organise in Brussels [...]

World Humanitarian Summit – the European road to and from Istanbul

Events | Published on 18-02-2016

Matthias Deneckere

Following from the Dutch Humanitarian Summit and on the occasion of the Netherlands EU presidency, t [...]

European Development Days 2016

Events | Published on 14-04-2016

Annabelle Laferrère | Damien Helly | Ewald Wermuth | Hanne Knaepen | Ivan Kulis | James Mackie | Jeske van Seters | Kathleen van Hove | Matthias Deneckere | Melissa Julian | Paul Engel (Alumnus) | Pauline Veron (Alumna) | Philomena Apiko | San Bilal | Sebastian Große-Puppendahl | Valeria Pintus

[hupso] The European Development Days (EDD) are Europe s leading forum on development and internatio [...]

Dealing with protracted crises: No time for short-term thinking

Talking Points Blog | Published on 05-02-2016

Matthias Deneckere

Conflict and security will continue to dominate the EU s foreign policy agenda in 2016. The continue [...]