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GREAT Insights Podcast: Chinese Investments In Africa

Multimedia | Published on 02-05-2014

Anna Rosengren (Alumna) | Clément Silverman (Alumnus)

Welcome to this month s GREAT Insights podcast – In this programme we have two in-depth interviews [...]

A Guide to EU decision making on Africa

Multimedia | Published on 27-02-2015

Alisa Herrero Cangas | Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Damien Helly | Essete Abebe Bekele (Alumna) | Greta Galeazzi | Rhys Williams (Alumnus) | Tanit Parada-Tur (Alumna)

How does the EU make decisions that matter for Africa? Who and what are the main players and institu [...]

Video: The Post-Malabo Process Explained by the AUC

Multimedia | Published on 07-11-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Francesco Rampa

Last June, African Heads of State and Government renewed and strengthened their commitment to achiev [...]

Post 2015 and beyond 2020: What new perspectives for Africa-EU and ACP-EU relations?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 21-06-2013

Clément Silverman (Alumnus)

The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) facilitated an informal high-level sem [...]

Video: Marcel Vernooij Sustainable Economic Development Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Multimedia | Published on 17-09-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Francesco Rampa

Mr. Vernooij presents policy and priorities that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFa) have a [...]

How Does Africa Speak with One Voice?

Multimedia | Published on 05-03-2015

Anna Knoll | Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Faten Aggad-Clerx | Hanne Knaepen | Lesley-Anne van Wyk (Alumna) | Rebecca Ramsamy (Alumna) | Rhys Williams (Alumnus)

Key Highlights Africa is increasingly seeking to formulate a common African position ahead of key i [...]

Why Europe's Problems need Global Solutions and Global Problems need European Action

Events | Published on 03-11-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus)

As the new European Commission takes office on 1 November, this event will explore, review and estab [...]

Engaging Your Policy Audiences: A Short Course

Events | Published on 25-07-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Melissa Julian

Whether you are part of a research institution or programme or an advocacy organisation, understandi [...]

Creating More and Better Jobs: GREAT Insights podcast with Roland Michelitsch IFC

Multimedia | Published on 27-02-2014

Bruce Byiers | Clément Silverman (Alumnus)

Hundreds of millions of people do not have jobs today and several hundred millions more will seek jo [...]

How can Intra-African Agricultural Trade be Tripled?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 10-10-2014

Clément Silverman (Alumnus) | Francesco Rampa | Lesley-Anne van Wyk (Alumna)

Tripling intra-African agricultural trade needs collective action, say experts at ECDPM side-event, [...]