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How Will the EU's Private Sector Strategy Play Out?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 18-06-2014

Bruce Byiers | Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Having spent an average of €350 million ($477 million) per year on private sector development over [...]

The role of Aid for Trade in trade agreements

Talking Points Blog | Published on 29-06-2015

San Bilal

As the international community gathers for the 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade (AfT) at the WTO i [...]

Legal constraints on the EU’s ability to withdraw EPA preferences

Talking Points Blog | Published on 28-10-2011

++ GUEST CONTRIBUTION ++ Forthcoming in Trade Negotiations Insights Vol. 10, N0.8, November 2011On [...]

EU support to regional integration: between cuts and 'unfailing’ commitment

Talking Points Blog | Published on 15-06-2012

Kathleen van Hove

Despite being hit by the current economic and financial crisis, Europe remains a strong advocate and [...]

EU slims down number of beneficiaries under new trade scheme

Talking Points Blog | Published on 13-05-2011

Isabelle Ramdoo (Alumna)

On 10 May, the European Commission (EC) put forward its proposal for a new European Union (EU) regul [...]

Aid for Trade – not just about aid, nor trade...

Talking Points Blog | Published on 09-07-2015

Bruce Byiers

The fifth Global Aid for Trade review last week was good on people but not so great on content. Thre [...]

Aid for Trade needs to shift from policy to greater action

Talking Points Blog | Published on 11-01-2013

Dan Lui

Trade ministers and officials from South and North, academics, and donors will gather at the OECD in [...]

European Parliament Committee on International Trade hearing on GSP reform

Talking Points Blog | Published on 10-06-2011

Quentin de Roquefeuil (Alumnus)

The European Parliament held its first hearing on the European Commission s proposal for the Europea [...]

Baboons, blocks and borders – regional integration at 12kmph

Talking Points Blog | Published on 14-06-2013

Bruce Byiers

African Unity, regional integration and 'Boosting Inter-African Trade' have been on the African poli [...]

From Aid for Trade to Aid for Business, Partnership and Profits

Talking Points Blog | Published on 23-01-2013

Bruce Byiers

The OECD hosted the 2013 Policy Dialogue on Aid for Trade last week to discuss how to continue deliv [...]