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Partnerships to deliver food security in Africa

Talking Points Blog | Published on 16-12-2015

In the third of our series of blogs ahead of the 2016 Challenges Paper – released on January 4th 2 [...]

L’agenda universel post-2015 – Le partenariat ACP-UE répond-il encore à ses objectifs ?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 03-04-2015

Jean Bossuyt | Niels Keijzer (Alumnus)

L universalité est l un des aspects clés de l agenda global post-2015, mais que signifie-t-il pou [...]

The 11th CAADP Partnership Platform: Much positive talk, but little walk

Talking Points Blog | Published on 10-04-2015

Francesco Rampa

The 11th CAADP PP was marked by much positive talk", with proactive participation of over 400 stakeh [...]

OECD’s ‘States of Fragility’ report: Some discomfort around the indicators

Talking Points Blog | Published on 05-06-2015

Frauke de Weijer

The OECD report on States of Fragility - Meeting post-2015 Ambitions proposed framework for assessin [...]

Towards a more coherent EU external action: Where does the ACP fit?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 02-03-2015

Discussing ACP-EU relations in a silo is a risky choice, Jean Bossuyt and Andrew Sherriff explain wh [...]

The role of Aid for Trade in trade agreements

Talking Points Blog | Published on 29-06-2015

San Bilal

As the international community gathers for the 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade (AfT) at the WTO i [...]

The universal post-2015 agenda – how fit for purpose is the ACP-EU partnership?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 10-03-2015

Jean Bossuyt | Niels Keijzer (Alumnus)

Universality is one of the key aspects of the global post-2015 agenda, but what does this mean for A [...]

#EUGlobalStrategy 2016

Talking Points Blog | Published on 16-10-2015

Damien Helly

The new EU global strategy will guide European external action for the best part of a decade. It is [...]

Nutritious regional value chains: The final step is what matters

Talking Points Blog | Published on 01-10-2015

Carmen Torres

It s been a while now since we re hearing food security" and scaling up nutrition" as top priority m [...]

Five key facts on Financing for Development

Talking Points Blog | Published on 09-07-2015

James Mackie | Rhys Williams (Alumnus)

For positive development outcomes, both developed and developing countries need to ensure the right [...]