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How Will the EU's Private Sector Strategy Play Out?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 18-06-2014

Bruce Byiers | Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Having spent an average of €350 million ($477 million) per year on private sector development over [...]

Dirty deals and taxing truths: What do recent high-level commitments mean for tax and extractive industry transparency in developing countries?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 28-06-2013

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Following the usual pre-Summit wonk-up, G8 leaders gathered in Lough Erne last week. Amid burning is [...]

Regional Programming for the 11th European Development Fund

Talking Points Blog | Published on 24-03-2014

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

The mood at the 2013 African Economic Conference was clear - progress on regional integration in Afr [...]

By the Numbers – How Donors Can Support a Demand-Led Post-2015 Data and Statistics Revolution

Talking Points Blog | Published on 03-04-2014

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Do we need a 'data revolution goal to create the right demand for a data and statistics revolution p [...]

Facing up to realities: DG DEVCO introduces new organigram for 2013

Talking Points Blog | Published on 30-11-2012

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Staffing issues are all the talk in Brussels at the moment amid heated discussions over the next EU [...]

New EU Communication on the Private Sector

Talking Points Blog | Published on 13-05-2014

Bruce Byiers | Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

"So what we are discussing is how to give public money to private firms and call it development assi [...]

European Development Finance Post-2015: Public Meets Private?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 21-05-2014

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Continuing ODI's financing progress series with a look to post-2015, Florian Krätke looks at the in [...]

Challenges in 2014: Modernisation of EU Development Cooperation, Kick-Started or Running on the Spot?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 23-10-2013

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

+++ ECDPM Challenges blog series. Post number two +++The European Union s Agenda for Change is a ca [...]

Social protection in EU development cooperation: do the tools match the vision?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 28-09-2012

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

The EU s new development policy framework, the Agenda for Change", does not explicitly mention socia [...]

Show me the money!

Talking Points Blog | Published on 12-04-2013

Florian Krätke (Alumnus)

Millions of e-mails and documents, exposing the tax-evading activities of thousands of individuals a [...]