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EU support to governance in North Africa: The limits

Talking Points Blog | Published on 18-03-2011

Faten Aggad-Clerx

Today, the EU finds itself in a delicate position as it reflects on its reaction to the uprisings in [...]

Southern Mediterranean NGOs and the quest for a new social contract in the region

Talking Points Blog | Published on 22-06-2012

Few would question the importance of civil society s role in the events of the Arab Spring, especial [...]

The Arab Spring, an 'unfinished revolution' in Tunisia’s regions

Talking Points Blog | Published on 01-04-2016

Alfonso Medinilla | Sahra El Fassi (Alumna)

Imagine a country divided into 24 regions, each with very different capabilities and prospects to su [...]

[Podcast] Les relations Afrique-Europe en Afrique du Nord-Ouest et des stratégies régionales pour le Sahel

Talking Points Blog | Published on 05-09-2013

Damien Helly | Sahra El Fassi (Alumna)

Même si il ya maintenant un nouveau président au Mali suite à un processus electoral organisé en [...]

A balancing act: EU's development and commercial goals in North Africa

Talking Points Blog | Published on 11-03-2016

Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

Everybody is talking about it, from the European Commission and its EU member states to the Agenda 2 [...]

The EU's migration cooperation with North Africa: will the carrot and stick approach work?

Talking Points Blog | Published on 10-03-2017

Anna Knoll | Tasnim Abderrahim

On 2 March, the European Union published the third progress report on actions carried out under the [...]