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The context in which Europe and other partners are supporting Africa is changing fast, yet numerous challenges remain. Africa’s international partners could improve their development cooperation by helping Africans to ‘weave their own mat’ for socio-economic, political and institutional reform.

The Africa Change Dynamics Programme supports African actors to implement their own policy agendas

Governance for development continues to be an important dimension of progress in Africa. Events in the last three years, both in North or Sub-Saharan Africa, are a reminder of the necessity to continue to consolidate governance reforms.

As Africa registers unprecedented economic growth it is now more important than ever that the continent set up appropriate governance processes to ensure that such growth is translated into tangible impact on people’s lives.

The African Union Commission has launched the Agenda 2063, a development framework which promotes governance for development at its core. Across Africa there are drives to mainstream and connect various initiatives on governance in order to strengthen their impact and help face the various multidimensional challenges facing Africa – most notably in peace and security.

International partners such as the EU are also considering reforms to the way they support governance for development. The EU’s approach recognises the need to support African-led initiatives while broadening its support to also engaging non-institutional actors.

These trends were confirmed during the Fourth EU-Africa Summit, which took place in Brussels in April 2014.

The ‘Africa’s Change Dynamics‘ Programme aims to help Africa ‘weave its own governance mat’. The key issues are twofold:

  • Firstly, how can the evolving dynamics in Africa support good governance and positive development outcomes?
  • Secondly, how can Africa’s international partners better connect with these dynamics?