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Dossier: Linking migration to development


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This dossier brings together ECDPM’s work on migration and development. ECDPM connects its long-standing work on policy coherence, EU external action, EU-Africa relations, security and resilience with the topic of migration.

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Development and migration

Development processes and migration and mobility are often intricately linked. Migration is one powerful way out of poverty and has great potential for sustainable development.

Flows of remittances now greatly exceed development aid, playing an important role in poverty reduction, relief and development. Economic research suggests that the opening of labour markets for international migrants can bring considerable economic gains for both sending and recipient countries as well as migrants themselves.

Yet migration and mobility – especially in the form of  displacement or in the context of conflict and crisis – can also bring challenges for development and put socio-economic pressures on governance systems and host communities.

The rise of complex and global mobility patterns has put migration high on the international agenda for the foreseeable future – not least for the EU.

Over the years, the European Commission has – at least on paper – developed a broad and forward-looking policy framework on international migration and mobility in relation to development cooperation and its relations with third countries. This includes migration in a South-South context, which is an important development issue for partner countries of the EU.

In recent years, the topic has also been of greater prominence in EU-Africa relations. However, the current ‘crisis response’ mood in the wake of the global refugee crisis has led to more short-sighted responses, which carries the risk of approaching mobility as a burden rather than a long-term development opportunity.

Successfully governing international migration and mobility requires cooperation, collective action, solidarity and working across relevant policy fields. It is important for policies that are aimed at addressing migration and mobility issues are based on a nuanced understanding of the complexities underlying it – and the important links it shares with development processes.

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ECDPM’s work on migration and development

ECDPM has a long history of analysis and research on EU migration and development policy. As a knowledge broker for well-informed policy dialogue, we have produced a number of blogs, briefing notes, discussion papers and background notes. This includes work for the 2014 Italian Presidency of the EU, EU COM-Swiss Dialogue on Development Cooperation and the International Organisation for Migration.

We have worked in partnership with the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). Our research and analysis has focused on:

  • Policy coherence for development (especially in migration and development)
  • EU policies on migration and development
  • Partnership between the EU and Africa, not least the EU-African Union partnership on Migration Mobility and Employment
  • Migration and mobility in the post-2015/Agenda 2030 context

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From ECDPM’s GREAT insights magazine

A Challenging Road Ahead: International Migration and the Post-2015 Agenda
Anna Knoll, ECDPM GREAT Insights magazine, March 2013

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Latest publications and presentations

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Report by Anna Knoll and Andrew Sherriff commissioned by the Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA), February 2017

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Anna Knoll and Frauke de Weijer produced this ECDPM Discussion Paper as an outcome of the event ‘Why do we need the Africa Union’, November 2016

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Background Note for the Informal Development Ministerial Meeting of the Italian Presidency, July 2014

Post-2015 Migration im Sinne einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung gestalten
Benjamin Schraven, Niels Keijzer and Anna Knoll, DIE Analysen und Stellungnahmen 1/2014, 2014

Will a post-2015 development framework acknowledge migration?
Anna Knoll and Niels Keijzer, in: Laczko, F., Lönnback, L.J. (eds.), 2013

Migration and the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda
International Organization for Migration, August 2013

Putting Policy Coherence for Development into Perspective: Supporting Switzerland’s Promotion of PCD in Commodities, Migration and Tax Policy
Anna Knoll, Florian Krätke, Niels Keijzer and Jorrit Oppewal, SDC, ECDPM, August 2013

Migration and Development Policies and Practices: A Mapping Study of Eleven European Countries and the European Commission
International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and ECDPM. Study commissioned and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, May 2013

European Report on Development (2013) – Post 2015: Global Action for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future
ODI, GDI/DIE and ECDPM, April 2013

Labour Migration: From Absentee to a Key Driver in a Global Development Framework?
Anna Knoll and Niels Keijzer, German Development Institute – The Current Column, April 2013

Will a post-2015 development framework acknowledge migration?
Anna Knoll, Niels Keijzer, IOM Migration Policy Practice: vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 6-10, February-March 2013

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Henrike Klavert and Jeske van Seters, ECDPM Briefing Note 33, April 2012

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Henrike Klavert, ECDPM Discussion Paper 108, June 2011

The revision of Article 13 on Migration of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. What’s at stake for the ACP?
Eleonora Koeb and Henrike Hohmeister, ECDPM Background Note, February 2010

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Latest multimedia

Anna Knoll discusses the upcoming Valletta Summit on migration
ECDPM podcast, 6 November 2015

Anna Knoll interviews David Khoudour of the OECD on the interaction between public policy, migration and development
ECDPM video interview, 22 July 2015

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Dossier photo – Courtesy of Paul Keller via Flickr.