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Dossier: The future of ACP-EU relations post-2020


Preliminary analysis of the EU Communication on a renewed partnership with the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

ecdpm-acp-eu-scenarios-150 Exploring scenarios for the future of ACP-EU cooperation: An analytical tool for informed choices

Version française : Explorer les scénarios pour l’avenir de la coopération ACP-UE : un outil d’analyse pour des choix informés

PMR21-Cover The future of ACP-EU relations: A political economy analysis

Version française : Repenser le partenariat ACP-UE : le temps d’une approche nouvelle (résumé) 

ECDPM-Future-ACP-EU-2020-150 The future of ACP-EU relations post-2020: An overview of relevant analysis by ECDPM

Version française : L’avenir des relations ACP-EU après 2020 : Un tour d’horizon des analyses de l’ECDPM

1. About this dossier

Our recent publication, ‘The future of ACP-EU relations post-2020’, is an overview guide designed for policy makers, practitioners and interested stakeholders in ACP and EU countries and summarises ECDPM publications and analytical resources from recent years covering issues of relevance to the Cotonou Partnership Agreement and ACP-EU relations. As a good a starting point as any, to engage with this increasingly urgent policy dialogue.

This dossier provides links to all ECDPM publications and analytical resources mentioned in the overview guide. For more information and resources, please download the complete overview guide.

Section 2 presents a selection of ECDPM resources that cover perspective on the future ACP-EU relations, the changes in the global world order that have impacted the ACP-EU relations and presents scenarios for the future of both ACP-EU relations and the ACP Group itself.

Section 3 presents a selection of resources focusing on specific elements of the Cotonou Agreement as a basis for further analysis on whether and how these specific elements could be brought forward in future ACP-EU relations.

Section 4 presents some of ECDPM’s work on complementary, competing or alternative structures. These look at relations governing strategic partnerships between the individual ACP geographic areas and the EU, including the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, the Joint Caribbean-EU Strategy, and the EC Communication on a Pacific-EU partnership.

Section 5 presents other ECDPM overview resources.

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2. Perspectives on the future of ACP-EU relations

2.1. Global drivers of change

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Towards Renewal or Oblivion? Prospects for Post-2020 Cooperation between the European Union and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group
September 2013, Mario Negre, Niels Keijzer, Brecht Lein and Nicola Tissi. DIE/GDI Discussion Paper 9/2013.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) The Challenges of Global Governance and the Emerging World Order: What Role for the ACP-EU Partnership
June 2014, Geert Laporte. Speech at ACP Day.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) ACP-EU Relations beyond 2020: Exploring European Perceptions
October 2013, Niels Keijzer, Brecht Lein, Mario Negre and Nicola Tissi. DIE/GDI Briefing Paper 11/2013.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Emerging Players in the Caribbean: What Implications for the Caribbean, their Relations with the EU and the ACP?
June 2011, Annita Montoute. ECDPM Discussion Paper 116.

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2.2. Scenarios for the future of the ACP Group

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Global Changes, Emerging Players and Evolving ACP-EU Relations: Towards a common agenda for action?
July 2011, ECDPM. ECDPM Background Paper prepared for ECDPM 25th Anniversary 2011.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Global Changes, Emerging Players and Evolving ACP-EU Relations: Towards a common agenda for action?
September 2011, James Mackie, Bruce Byiers, Sonia Niznik and Geert Laporte. ECDPM Policy Management Report 19.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) What Future for the ACP and the Cotonou Agreement? Preparing for the Next Steps in the Debate
April 2012, Geert Laporte. ECDPM Briefing Note 34.

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3. The added value of separate components of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement – should they stay or should they go?

3.1. Political dialogue

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) When Agreement Breaks Down, What Next? The Cotonou Agreement’s Article 96 Consultation Procedure
August 2005. James Mackie and Julia Zinke. ECDPM Discussion Paper 64A.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Suspension of Development Cooperation: An Instrument to Promote Human Rights and Democracy?
August 2005, Hadewych Hazelzet. ECDPM Discussion Paper 64B.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Recent Cases of Articles 96 Consultations
August 2005, Lydie Mbangu. ECPDM Discussion Paper 64C.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) An ACP Perspective and Overview of Article 96 Cases
September 2005, Andrew Bradley. ECDPM Discussion Paper 64D.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) The 2010 Revision and the Future of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement: Report of an informal seminar
2008, Innocent Ejolu, Nicolas Mombrial, Niels Keijzer, Veronika Tyywuschick, Paul Engel, Geert Laporte and James Mackie. ECDPM Discussion Paper 85.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Political Dialogue on Human Rights under Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement
March 2014, Jean Bossuyt, Camilla Rocca and Brecht Lein. Study realised for the Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) ACP-EU Cooperation on Readmission: Where Does it Stand and Where to Go?
April 2012, Henrike Klavert and Jeske van Seters.ECDPM Briefing Note 33.

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3.2. Development and financial issues

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Differentiation in ACP-EU Cooperation: Implications of the EU’s Agenda for Change for the 11th EDF and Beyond
October 2012, Niels Keijzer, Jeske van Seters, Brecht Lein, Florian Krätke and Annita Montoute. ECDPM Discussion Paper 134.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Improving ACP-EU Cooperation: Is ‘Budgetising’ the EDF the Answer?
January 2004, James Mackie, Jonas Frederiksen and Céline Rossini. ECDPM Discussion Paper 51.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) More or Less? A Financial Analysis of the Proposed 11th European Development Fund
March 2012, Ulrika Kilnes, Niels Keijzer, Jeske van Seters and Andrew Sherriff. ECDPM Briefing Note 29.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Member States’ positions on the proposed 2014-2020 EU Budget – An analysis of the statements made at the 26th of March General Affairs Council meeting with particular reference to External Action and the EDF
2012, Ulrika Kilnes and Andrew Sherriff. ECDPM Briefing Note 37.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) From Purse to Policy to Practice: Six Initiatives to Future-proof EU Development Cooperation for 2014-2020 and Beyond?
June 2013, Florian Krätke. ECDPM Briefing Note 51.

Regional Programming for the 11th European Development Fund
21 February 2014, Florian Krätke. ECDPM Talking Points blog.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Early Experiences in Programming EU Aid 2014-2020: Charting the Agenda for Change
September 2013, Alisa Herrero, Greta Galeazzi and Florian Krätke. ECDPM Briefing Note 54.

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3.3. Trade

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Frequently Asked Questions: Economic Partnership Agreements
2014, San Bilal and Isabelle Ramdoo. ECDPM Dossier.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Economic Partnership Agreements: Towards the Finishing Line?
February 2014, San Bilal. ECDPM Briefing Note 64.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Economic Partnership Agreements and Beyond
October/November 2014. ECDPM GREAT insights magazine.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Supporting Structural Transformation in the ACP Agro-Food Sector: Redefining possible roles of the ACP post 2020
January 2014, Paul Goodison. ECDPM Discussion Paper 155.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Tourism and Development in Caribbean-EU Relations: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Practice
March 2011, Quentin de Roquefeuil and Geert Laporte. ECDPM Briefing Note 23.

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4. Complementary, competing and alternative regional structures

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) The Implementation of the Joint Africa Europe Strategy: Rebuilding Confidence and Commitments
March 2014, Damien Hely, Essete Abebe Bekele, Sahra El Fassi and Greta Galeazzi. Study realised for the Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) What Next for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy? Perspectives on Revitalising an Innovative Framework – A Scoping Paper
March 2010, Jean Bossuyt and Andrew Sherriff. ECDPM Discussion Paper 94.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Can the Pan-African Programme Revitalise the JAES?
June 2012, Faten Aggad-Clerx and Nicola Tissi. ECDPM Briefing Note 42.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) The Joint Caribbean EU Strategy Reflections and Analysis
15 April 2011, ECDPM and The Institute of International Relations (IRR) at the University of the West Indies. Workshop Report.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Reinventing Pacific-EU Relations: With or Without the ACP?
October 2013, Geert Laporte and Gemma Piñol Puig. ECDPM Briefing Note 56.

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5. ECDPM overview resources

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) The European Union’s Development Policy: A Personal View of 50 Years of International Cooperation
April 2008, Dieter Frisch. ECDPM Policy Management Report 15.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) Cotonou Infokit: The EC Reform and the ACP
January 2001, ECDPM.

ECDPM-Doc-Square (1) The Cotonou Agreement: A User’s Guide for Non-State Actors
November 2003, ECDPM.

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